About Us


Braselton’s Music started by Ray Braselton, in 1973.

Ray is currently teaching in-person and online/virtual music lessons
via Zoom, 
Skype and Messenger. 

Ray also provides music entertainment for private birthday/anniversary parties, senior centers, nursing homes, corporate events throughout the Greater Rochester, Niagara Falls and Buffalo areas.

Get to Know Ray Braselton . . . 

       Ray Braselton, the music studio & store owner, music educator, cable television producer and entertainer has been around music since he was a child, growing up in California. His father, Eugene Braselton, was the biggest influence in his music education and career. He introduced him to the piano at age six and the guitar in his teen years. Ray's dad was a child prodigy that mastered several instruments and instilled in Ray the love of music. 


1964-66Ray studied music & dance at the Ferber's Dance Studio in Bellflower, CA and performed on television in Los Angeles, California several times.  


1968Ray moved to NY where he continued studying music and taking a serious view on teaching. 


1973he opened a studio in his home in Walworth, New York where he taught people of all ages.  It was during this time (1973) that Ray began his long and exciting career playing out professionally for wedding services, receptions, and party houses. His music to this day consists of genres from 1940s to the present. 

1970s - Ray taught Adult Music Classes for the Wayne Central School District in Ontario, NY.

1975 - the studio in Walworth, with an added retail store, moved to North Main Street in Marion, New York across from the Marion Elementary School. 

1977 to 1979Braselton's Music opened a second location in the Swift-Brockway Mills Building, on Main Street, in Palmyra, New York.

1985 to 1993 - Ray taught private lessons & school band at St. Michael's School in Newark, NY.

1990 - the store on North Main Street in Marion, New York closed.

1990 to 2000 - Ray continued teaching music lessons in his home. 

November of 2000 - a small retail store was again opened up on the corner of South Main Street & Buffalo Street in Marion until September 30, 2003.

October 1, 2003 to November 30, 2009 - the store was located at 3329 State Rte 21, Marion. 

2006 to 2014Ray produced, and hosted, a cable television program The Music Show which aired throughout the Greater Rochester area and can be seen on YouTube.

Click here to see some of The Music Show episodes. 

December 1, 2009 - Braselton's Music Studio & Store moved to our home at 3673 S. Main Street in Marion, NY. 

July 2017 - Ray started teaching music on Grand Island, New York on weekends, as well as teaching at our studio in Marion during the week.  

December 2018 - Braselton’s Music Studio moved to Grand Island to be close to family.

March 2019 to March 2020 - Braselton's also provided music lessons inside the Strike It Up Artistic Center, 2045 Route 104, Ontario, NY, as well as 3179 W. River Road, Grand Island, NY.

March 2020 - due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Ray started teaching virtual music lessons on Zoom, Skype and Messenger. He will be providing music entertainment when Covid-19 restrictions lets up.

August 2021 - In-person lessons started up again along with online lessons.